LOUVRETTE offers both STANDARD and CUSTOM DESIGN solutions. Our customized product ranges are as variable as you are creative. We personalize the packaging to meet the exact specifications and requirements of your brand using state of the art pigment effects, surface finishes and decorations, resulting in unique and personalized looks.

LOUVRETTE provides an extensive and comfortable one-stop solution from the concept phase to the product launch. Our expert and experienced team carry out the design, product development, 3D technical drawings, rapid prototyping, tool making and in-house manufacturing which ensure transparency, efficiency and total confidentiality as well as saving you time and money. 


Our product portfolio contains various product ranges with perfectly matched designs, including jars, airless dispensers, airless jars as well as bottles and droppers for the face and body care segment. 

The jars are available in a variety of fill sizes (5-200ml) and surfaces (glossy, matt, soft-touch). In addition to a large number of very high-quality, thick-walled jars, we also offer material-reduced, thinner-walled options and recyclable mono-material packaging.

For our high-quality, double-walled airless dispensers and airless jar, we use components from our partners Aptar Villingen (pumps and containers with pistons) and Gaplast (bag-in-bottle containers). These cooperations guarantee airless products that are functionally and visually perfectly matched to each other. The fact that customers can freely define the condition of the pre-assembly of the airless systems according to their filling lines also ensures an efficient filling process.

Our bottles can be manufactured in HDPE/rHDPE (glossy, silk matt or with soft-touch surface) or PET/rPET, depending on your requirements. Matching 1 and 2-piece screw caps, disc and flip tops as well as various lotion and spray pumps are available, optionally with high-quality click-on caps.

For our latest development - the Cosmetic Dropper - we received the German Packaging Award in September 2018 and the WorldStar Certificate of Merit in January 2019. Above all, oils and serums find perfect packaging with this patented innovation and provide the consumer with a new and convenient gesture.

Depending on the customer's wishes and requirement profile, we use a wide variety of materials for our products, including PETG/Glass Polymer® and all Ecocert®-approved material types, biopolymers and recycled plastics. Only PEFC-certified wood is used for wood-coated components.

To decorate and finish our packaging we work in close cooperation with our subsidiary Vallo & Vogler and a large number of highly specialized partners in Europe.



Our commitment to constant quality has been and remains one of the key factors to our success. High-tech injection moulding and downstream assembly and decoration facilities guarantee state-of-the-art in-house production that meets the DIN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards.

Our continuous investment in optimization and automation of our production processes means that today, more than ever before, we remain competitive and minimize our customers’ costs.